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If you’d like to know the easiest way to last as long as you want in bed, and make your wife or girlfriend cum multiple times while increasing the intensity and length of your own orgasm too, without having to waste money on pills, potions or desensitizing creams and without needing to have any kind of physical stamina whatsoever – even if nothing’s ever worked for you in the past, then this astonishing FREE video by Jack Grave is exactly what you need to watch.

You see, Jack – or the Sex Stamina King – like his colleagues like to call him, is a world renowned sex coach, with several books, reports and video tutorials that have helped out over a million men overcome their sexual problems like premature ejaculation, – which has in turn revamped their sex lives, enhanced their sexual abilities and even saved failing relationships and marriages.

For example, in this candid video, he reveals the exact technique he used to gain complete control of how aroused he was at every single stage of sex, to a point where he literally gets to decide when he wants to orgasm, and give women eye-popping multiple orgasms that made them addicted to having sex with him – to a point of fantasizing about him when he was not around. Would you like to watch this amazing video for FREE?

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How To Prolong Ejaculation
In this FREE video, you’ll ALSO discover…

  • A special trick you can use while masturbating that you can use to RE-CONDITION your body to last longer
  • A simple 5 second technique that INSTANTLY DOUBLES the length and strength of your own orgasms every time you have one.
  • A complete walkthrough of which sex positions to use to last longer in bed (including some you’ve probably never heard of) and which to absolutely avoid to never premature orgasm again.
  • A simple secret that guarantees that she stops comparing your sexual performance to her ex boyfriends and instead cement you in her mind as the best lover she’s ever had.
  • And so so much more…


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(These Adult Film Star Tips Can Be Used By Any Man To Last All Night Long)
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How To Prolong Ejaculation



how to delay orgasmWhen it comes to bedroom matters, quite a number of things can go against your plan.

But nothing is worse for a man than being unable to last the entire pleasure journey with his woman.

I guess you understand what I am driving at — you have expended all that effort to get a chance to be allowed between her legs and then when it is the heat of the great moment, you are finished in a split of a second!

The next morning, you are sure to see her disappointed with your performance last night…

You hate yourself…

You feel a lot of shame and embarrassment…

She’s sexually frustrated and unsatisfied. But does well to hide it.

But here is the good news.

Premature Ejaculation or PE is NOT something to stick with for life like so many men believe. You have options to master how to delay ejaculation ; unless you refuse to work on them.

For that additional sexual stamina even at short notice, you can implement the “emergency” techniques below as soon as tonight. Check them out:


“How To Control Ejaculation With These 3 Simple Tips”


#1. “Roof of the Mouth”


premature ejaculation tipsI am sure not many of you have come across this simple method, yet it is quite easy to implement and works like magic!

Here is what to do:

When it appears like you are close to climaxing, firmly press the tip of your tongue up against the roof of your mouth and then move it in circular motions.

However simple the technique appears, it works really fantastic to maintain your arousal under your control.

It doesn’t really work by distracting you from love-making like most men think but because it helps you mind tune in to ALL your body’s sensations, and not just the ones experienced at the genitals only.


#2. “5-2-5″ Breather”


The key factor to a prolonged sex is all about your correct breathing pattern.

Regulate it helps keep your mind relaxed, greatly enhancing your longevity before orgasm.

This is how you can train yourself to adopt the most appropriate breathing technique for sex BEFORE you can start doing it:

Start by breathing in for 5 seconds, then hold it in for 2 seconds before breathing out for another 5 seconds. Repeat this routine for 2-3 minutes.

Performing this brings a natural relaxation to both your mind and body.

During actual sex, breathe out during thrusting in and breathe in as you withdraw. This helps you last longer in bed.

As you practice this repeatedly, it becomes natural to your body.

The blueprint here trains you much more advanced breathing techniques that are an extension to this one, giving you exceptionally sensational sexual stamina.


#3. “Refractory Rewards”


336x280Make good use of the period between the first and the second orgasm, or the refractory period.

What I mean is you should gratify yourself about an hour or two prior to making out.

This enables you to take a much longer time to reach the same levels of stimulation.

Putting it in another way, the first climax will help to “desensitize” your glans.

This can boost your endurance during sex by up to three times.

Do not fear embarrassment or feel funny doing this; it is completely natural.

And what’s more, it is a proven way to prolong your sex peaking.

As a matter of fact, a number of sexual therapists will recommend it as an effective “first-line-of-defense” to ensure that you increase your stamina and push your orgasm further away.

I hope the tips I shared can give you the information to go the extra mileage you yearn for now 🙂

I will be back later with some more tips, but if you want to get all the information there is to know about how to last longer right away, just Click The FREE Video Banner below

how to delay ejaculation



How To Delay Ejaculation



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How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

how to prolong ejaculation

Pre Ejaculation

How To Control Early Ejaculation


How To Delay Ejaculation

In the next few minutes, you’re going to learn all you need to know about how to prolong ejaculation naturally.

And you should be excited, because there’s nothing in the world that gives a man greater pleasure than knowing he’s a sex dynamo in the sack, with the power to delay male orgasm long enough to give his woman intense sexual satisfaction, almost at will. Don’t you agree?

Unfortunately for a lot of guys, sex ends up being a huge and embarrassing disappointment.

If you’re reading this you more than likely know what I’m talking about.

You know, both you and your partner are just getting heated up, you’re starting to feel that fantastic shot of adrenaline then . . . suddeny, everything pitter’s out; you know exactly what I mean.

Next it’s time to start making excuses as you look at the disappointment on your partner’s face; boy, doesn’t do much for the ego does it?


Well, this is where Lloyd Lester’s Ejaculation By Command comes in.

A system that can permanently transform your love-making and make how to control ejaculation as easy as 1 2 3.


how to prolong intercourse



How To Ejaculate Longer Naturally

The Pros


Ejaculating By Command is one of the most comprehensive systems on the ejaculation controlmarket written by a man who has years of experience in the industry, having written similar programs before, even one for women.

In this e-book you will learn tips to last longer in bed that naturally controls PE through intensive conditioning and training.

The book is easy to read and explains in detail every step and provides a wealth of common sense tips, strategies and “last longer exercises” guys can do at home to retain staying power and boost much needed confidence.


Ejaculating On Command isn’t just for guys that have PE problems either – all guys should invest in this guide because it will not only teach you how to add more time to your lovemaking escapades, you will also find this book to be a fantastic resource filled with tactics and bonuses that will teach you how to increase female arousal and make your woman’s orgasms so intense that they’ll want to come back for more;

… In other words you probably won’t get many “I have a headache” excuses anymore.


The Cons

The abundance of information in the manual may be a bit overwhelming to get through at first and you may get the urge to skip ahead to the techniques sections. If you skip ahead, you will miss out on the important fundamentals and you won’t be able to reap the full rewards of this very carefully thought out system.

If you read through the tutorial as suggested, you’ll have a firm grasp of the basic principles of delaying male climax, and getting through the techniques and strategies will become a lot easier.

Keep in mind, if you’ve already been searching online for tips to prolong male orgasm, you may find that some of the “tricks to last longer” sound familiar; the difference is that Lester has taken the time to put together everything in his highly effective package in a way that makes it a one stop guide to long lasting, exciting sex.


Bottom Line

Overall, the e-book presents very practical and reliable information on how to supercharge your endurance in bed, and is without a doubt, the most comprehensive, step by step program that has the potential of unlocking your full, sexual staying power.

If you are ready to become the kind of fantastic lover who has the natural ability to ejaculate whenever he wants, as well as keeping his woman sensually satisfied at all times, this system offers everything you need to make your bedroom game phenomenal.


how to control ejaculation

How To Prolong Sexuall Act

how to prolong an orgasm


How To Stop Ejaculation


When you initially check out the e-book, you will be impressed with the wealth of incredible information contained in it, starting off with the fundamentals, which are based on common sense for the most part; you’ll probably even have some “DUH” moments.

You’ll realize right away that your bedroom problems doesn’t need to be permanent. You’ll also find out that you’re not alone when it comes to embarrassing, short lived, erotic experiences; a lot of guys have the problem, some frequently, some only once in a while.

You’ll feel a lot more confident as you work your way through the manual as well because you’ll realize that the lies and misconceptions that often cause PE issues are not based on fact and you can enjoy a great intimate life and the boost in self confidence all men (and women) need to enjoy sex and everything else in life.

In the second part of the course Lloyd Lester gives you all the knowledge and tools you’ll need to start re-wiring and re-training both your mind and body so that you’ll not only begin lasting longer during intercourse, but give your partner an almost life changing sensual experience, one she’ll never forget and definitely want to experience again.

One of the top benefits of this product is that the last longer in bed tips & techniques are all natural (no pills, lotions or awkward contraptions involved) and easy to do.

Best of all, the ejaculatory mastering strategies you’ll learn won’t just provide temporary fixes; you’ll be learning techniques that will lead to long term, sustainable results.

How To Control Your Ejaculation


How To Delay Male OrgasmPractice is key if you are to see significant results. Basically, improving your stamina in the sack isn’t all that different than working on overall self improvement and can be improved with the right conditioning and training strategies.

One of the main factors that separates this guide from the long list of other books on the PE subject is this:

While Lester’s recognizes that mastering how to last longer is essential, the author also understands that it’s crucial to manage one’s inner thoughts when making out and achieve the confidence to become a stud in the bedroom and drive their women to intense orgasms time after time.


And one of the best ways to build sexual confidence is by building sexual proficiency which is why Lloyd has devoted an entire chapter to maximizing sex competency, along with offering two incredible bonus guides full of erotic tips including lots of information regarding mastering female orgasms, guaranteeing a lot of firepower in the sack.

Guys looking for an overnight, quick fix solution that they hope will permanently increase their endurance need to keep in mind that there isn’t a quick fix to PE problems, at least none that will last.

The strategies that Lloyd Lester teaches deliver long term, permanent results, but they do require time, effort and the commitment to put them into practice. The fact is the end results will be worth the effort.

That being said, the author does include an exclusive bonus e-book that covers 15 tested and proven emergency tactics that you’ll be able to use right away and experiment with tonight with your special someone.

One really great thing about this guide, that really makes it stand out from the thousands of other male enhancement products and books is that it both helps the average guy improve his staying power, as well as fulfill their woman’s deepest carnal desires, all at the same time.

Isn’t that cool or what?

Just remember this; rapid climax doesn’t need to be permanent for you. In fact, by ordering this manual, you’ll begin to learn how to increase stamina during intercourse, who’s end result will be a much happier you and your partner too.


how to increase ejaculation time

-how to control PE –


Along with the training, you’ll receive the following powerful bonuses and long term support at no additional cost:


delaying ejaculation

“Exclusive Audio Companion Edition” The entire program in 14 expertly produced audio training tutorials, making it easy to listen to the program on the go, using your favorite MP3 player.

how to prolong orgasm

“The Emergency Tactics To Lasting Longer” e-book listing 15 tested techniques you can use right away; enjoying a decent amount of stamina, almost at will,TONIGHT.


ways to prolong ejaculation “The Quick Start Guide”, a handy companion guide which puts everything together in an easy to follow place, explaining the techniques, tricks and tips outlined in the core program.

prolonging ejaculation
“Premium Life Updates” You’ll continue to receive a lifetime worth of updates because the author consistently shares any new techniques and strategies that compliment the program.


prolong for men“Priority 1-on-1 Email Support+Private Members Contents”– this is a bonus that very few PE services don’t offer, but Lloyd freely gives his clients access to his personal email address where they are free to ask any questions relevant to the program, at any time, and usually replies within 24 hours or less.




How To Control Premature Ejaculation



controlling premature ejaculation

Cutting-Edge Sexual Mastery Series

Lloyd gives away three exclusive bonuses in this sexual competency series that will make any woman curl her toes in ecstasy. Lasting longer isn’t the only piece of the puzzle when it comes to hot, satisfying longer lasting sex.

One of the best ways to increase sexual competency is by mastering how to provide women with an erotically fulfilling raunchy experience, even if you start out as a quick shooter.

Women have a lot of sensual spots on their bodies and if you master these “hot spots” it really won’t matter if you prematurely ejaculate initially. Just listen to these “female friendly” titles.


controlling ejaculationFemale Orgasm Secrets – Do we have your attention?

Raunchy Sex Secrets – Sounds great right?how to control ejaculation and prolong

How To Stimulate the G Spot (important to know!) and Give Any Woman Intense, Squirting Orgasms. Wow!

And guess what?

This includes a demonstration video by a female orgasm specialist (Jason Julius) and a close friend of the author.



All in all, Ejaculating By Command offers very solid and practical information – and is arguably the most complete system to beat PE. If you want to be the kind of amazing lover who has mastered the natural ability of “ejaculating by command” and keep women sexually satisfied, time and time again, then this e-book program is definitely for you.

So What Are You Waiting for? Click the banner below and unlock the raw natural sexual stamina withing you and turbo charge your bedroom skills, TONIGHT


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How To Stop Premature Ejaculation






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